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Access Consciousness Tools | Tools For Change & Greater Awareness

Tools For Change & Greater Awareness

Access Consciousness tools are weird, wild and wacky... and they work! If you had tools that could change your life with ease, would you use them?

Imagine knowing what is true for you, actually 'being' you, and not getting lost in other people’s limited boxes, and when something doesn’t work you have the tools to change it, right then and there. It is about accessing the possibilities you always knew should be available.

Access Consciousness® is a set of dynamic tools, techniques and processes, and a very unique perspective, that can change and transform any area of your life. What if you could expand your life beyond what you ever imagined possible? Read on to learn more about the Access Consciousness tools.

4 Tools To Find Your Happy

Four Tools To Find Your Happy | Access Possibilities

Have you lost your happy? Are you stuck in a place in your life where happiness seems impossible? Or maybe you would just like a little more joy to show up? What if four simple tools could get you out of the yuck and the stuck and change your life? Find Your Happy!

The Clearing Statement

The Clearing Statement: Your Magic Wand For Potent Change

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand? The clearing statement is like having your own magic wand that can change anything! Covered in depth during an Access Bars Class the clearing statement is your key to unlocking limitations that have been keeping you stuck and holding you back. The clearing statement shifts energy dynamically, blasting limitations and judgment out of existence, and creating space for new possibilities to show up in your life. Check out my blog article The Clearing Statement: Your Magic Wand For Potent Change.

Ask A Question

Live In And As The Question | Limitless Living

One of the very first tools taught in any Access class it to ask a question. You are not asking a question to get an answer, but rather to gain awareness. Questions empower. Questions open the door to greater possibilities. When you settle for an answer, you lock yourself into limited outcomes. Check out our blog article Live In And As The Question: Inviting Infinite Possibilities.

Access Possibilities With Money

How To Access Possibilities With Money And Change Your Financial Reality

Does money seem like more of a struggle than a pleasure? Have you decided you can’t have money, can’t have ease with money, or can’t have fun with money? What choices have you made that are limiting the amount of money you have showing up in your life? What points of view do you have about money that limits the amount of money you can have and receive? Check out our blog article How To Access Possibilities With Money And Change Your Financial Reality.

Limitless Living

Limitless Living | Tools For Living Beyond Limitation | Access Possibilities

What if life was no longer about solving problems? What if it was about having and being everything you came here to be? What if you could go beyond limitation and this reality? What if you could have everything you desire and more? Limitless Living is about accessing the infinite possibilities that are available to you. Learn more about Limitless Living and access more tools.

Events That Empower!

Events That Empower | Access Possibilities

Access Possibilities Founder/Creator Julie D. Mayo is an Access Consciousness Facilitator. Julie utilizes the Access Consciousness tools in her lectures, workshops, classes, events, coaching and healing sessions. Learn more about our Events That Empower!

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®
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