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Attending Clearing Events is a quick way to undo limitation and shift whatever is keeping you stuck. Explore areas such as body, health, weight, sex and relationship, money, family, anxiety, stress and so much more. 

Utilizing the Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness®, during a Clearing Event, Julie facilitates the group by creating clearings for whatever is up for the group. She will also assist you in creating generative questions that will contribute to whatever it is you would like to create. What if you could have more ease with your body, health, sex, relationships, money, business, family, life, and more? 

While some Clarity Events may focus on a particular theme, you can ask any questions during the event. All topics are welcome! Each event is co-created with everyone who chooses to come to that particular event. Julie will follow the energy as you ask questions, which guides where we will be able to go. No two events are ever the same! 

Verbal Processing And Facilitation

The process of running clearings with the Clearing Statement, is often referred to as Verbal Processing or Facilitation. Verbal Processing is a way to blast limitations out of existence so that new possibilities can show up with ease. It's like having a magic wand that can change anything! Check out my blog article The Clearing Statement: Your Magic Wand For Potent Change

Verbal Processing is the quickest and easiest way I've seen to unlock limitations, and it offers lasting results. That's huge! Verbal Processing goes far beyond traditional coaching, counseling or therapy to give you lasting results quickly and easily. This process creates space for something totally different to show up, beyond the limitation being cleared. Check out my Verbal Processing Facilitation Session

Empowering You To Know That You Know

This is about empowering you to know that you know. It's about you knowing what is actually true for you and what will work for you. What if you are more aware than you've ever acknowledged? 

During a Clearing Event Julie will facilitate you in how to create generative questions. Questions that will increase your awareness. Questions that will open the doors to infinite possibilities. Questions that will allow the universe to contribute to you. Ask and you shall receive is actually one of the laws of the universe. You have to ask to receive! 

Experience The Tools Of Access Consciousness

Clearing Events are open to everyone. If you are new to Access Consciousness, this is a great way to experience the Clearing Statement and other Access tools first hand. Access Consciousness Facilitator, Julie D. Mayo, will run clearings for whatever comes up for the group. 

We sometimes offer Clearing Events before our Access Bars Gifting and Receiving events. By attending both events, you can first unlock any limitations that come up at the Clarity Event, and then get your Bars run during an Access Bars Gifting and Receiving event, which will clear whatever you released from your body, thereby inviting greater change to show up in your life. The synergy of the two together can create amazing results! 

To inquire about hosting a Clearing Event for your staff, a support group, or a special group contact us. Julie can create clearings on any topic.

Host A Clearing Event

Would you like to host a Clearing Event for your staff, a support group, or a special group? Julie can create clearings on any topic - increasing productivity, team work, resolving conflict, abuse, addiction, grief, pain, trauma, health and body issues, body image, sex and relationships - the possibilities are endless. Contact us




Clearing Event pricing varies; check event details for pricing of a particular event. 


For those who would like to pre-pay a payment link will be sent in your registration confirmation email after you register.

Traveling To Las Vegas? 

Access Possibilities is located in Southeast Las Vegas just 6.7 miles south of the McCarran International Airport and 1.4 miles north of the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa between the I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. Access Possibilities is only a short drive from the California, Arizona and Utah state borders, and easy to access from anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley. Are you visiting Las Vegas or would you like to? Plan your trip with our Travel Information.


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Upcoming Clearing Events

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Clearing Events " Looking for a sense of ease, space and possibility? | Access Possibilities
  •  Saturday, March 28; 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST Online

Are you, your family or your friends freaking out about the Coronavirus? Let's get together and do some clearings so that you can have more ease and peace during this time of stress.

Would You Like To Host An Event? 

Clearing Events are a great contribution to recovery programs, group therapy, support groups, First Responders, people in high stress jobs or situations, the possibilities are endless! To inquire about hosting an event contact us.

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