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Access Bars Free Clinic Session | Enterprise Library 

To help raise Mental Health Awareness, Access Possibilities hosts Access Bars Free Clinics throughout the year. An Access Bars Free Clinic Session is where you can receive an introductory complimentary Access Bars Session.* 

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and considerations as they are stored in the brain. When activated, The Bars begin to release thoughts, feeling, emotions, considerations and beliefs you have stored in any lifetime that no longer serve you.

Having your Bars run, which it is often called is a relaxing and nurturing process. At the very least you'll feel like you've had a great massage; best case scenario, your whole life can change with total ease!

Access Bars have been reported to help with stress reduction, deep relaxation, ease of sleep, dissipating mind chatter, releasing trauma, reducing overwhelm, decreasing negative and limiting thought patterns, changing negative behavioral patterns, improving overall wellbeing, and increasing feelings of calmness, inner peace, happiness and gratitude.

When The Bars are lightly touched, the brain waves actually slow down, allowing behavioral patterns, belief systems, and points of view that you have been running from childhood or from other lifetimes to be accessed.

Access Bars is a holistic complementary therapy that activates the body’s innate ability to self-heal. Access Bars complement any conventional or alternative treatment or therapy and have been found to increase the capacity and potency of other healing modalities.

Access Bars is a hands-on process that requires being done in person to receive the full benefits. Allow 20 minutes for your session.

*One complimentary Access Bars Session per person. Anyone booking more than one session will be charged the regular rate. Regular Rate $140/20 Minutes.

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