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ESE For Horses | Energetic Synthesis Of Embodiment For Equines | Remote

ESE for Horses | Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment for Equines | Remote.

Equines are amazing creatures. Equines are like your body; they are conscious. They know what they desire, they know what they require, and they know what will actually work for them. However, horses and other animals, will pick up on whatever we project at them. This can create unease in their universe, dis-ease in their body, and what we would call behavioral problems or other issues.

Trauma is another issue that equines are frequently exposed to. When a horse has experienced any type of trauma - an accident, injury, surgery, abuse, etc. - that trauma gets locked in their body. This can change their behavior, their movement, and their physiology.

Created by Julie D. Mayo, our Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment Session (ESE) is an energetic session designed to create greater ease for your equine, and to create a greater connection between them and their body.

Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment Sessions are available remotely (by distance), or on-site (trip fee may apply). We reserve 20 minutes for this session; however, the animal determines when the session is complete.

Remote Sessions:
Remote sessions do not require any action at the time of appointment. We do recommend that the animal receiving the session not be engaged in any activity during the session and that they be allowed to rest if they desire.

To Book Remote Session: 
Select Location: Remote (By Distance), Date and Time, add to cart and checkout. If you have any questions or prefer to book by phone, contact us.

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