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Rhodonite Double Magnetite Magnetic Anklet

Handcrafted Rhodonite Double Magnetite Magnetic Anklet made with 600 gauss half moon magnetic beads, 600 gauss 4mm round magnetic beads, 8000 gauss magnetic clasp, and accented with 6x15mm Rhodonite gemstone beads. A 9" anklet has a surface rating of ~48,800 gauss. Metaphysical and healing properties listed below. 

Sizing Instructions 
To ensure a proper fit follow our handcrafted jewelry sizing instructions before ordering any handcrafted Magnetite or gemstone jewelry that is to be worn as a bracelet, anklet or pet collar. Size ordered should be 1" longer than measurement.

Our Handcrafted Magnetite Jewelry 
We personally handcraft our custom Magnetite jewelry here in the U.S. with the finest quality materials available. We use grade A or higher Magnetite and gemstone beads. Our beading wire is a heavy (.024) flexible wire made with 49 strands of braided stainless steel wrapped in nylon. This beading wire does not kink or shrink and has a test strength of 40 lbs. Our magnetic clasps have a strong contact surface.

Metaphysical And Healing Properties:
Magnetite (Lodestone)
Magnetite, also known as Lodestone, is used in both magnet therapy and crystal therapy. Magnetite stimulates underactive organs while sedating overactive organs; it is an excellent crystal to use for balancing the body and the subtle energy field. It aligns the chakras and balances yin yang energies. Magnetite has a receptive, attracting energy that attracts power, as well as good fortune and love. It also guards against infidelity. Magnetite is used to lessen or dispel grief, fear, anger, confusion and attachment. It helps relieve burdens. Magnetite increases energy and endurance, shortens recovery time and accelerates the healing of injuries and fractures. Magnetite is said to strengthen the circulatory system, help with healing blood and bleeding problems, alleviate pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, boost the immune system, relieve agitation, depression and insomnia, and improve sleep. Magnetite is a healing crystal that offers EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation and other negative environmental energies.

Rhodonite is an excellent wound healer. It can reduce scarring and relieve insect bites. It can beneficially affect bone growth, the hearing organs and stimulate fertility. This stone can help treat emphysema, joint inflammation, arthritis, light sensitivity, heart and autoimmune disorders, strep, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis. Rhodonite is a calming stone that can decrease anxiety and open one to unconditional love. The pink indicates energy that enhances passionate love, the black indicates grounding energies, it can help one have a passionate love that is also grounded. Rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra. 

Magnetic Therapy Information 

Crystal Therapy Information 

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Jewelry Care Information
To get the longest enjoyment and therapy from your magnetic and gemstone jewelry, you should remove it before you shower, bathe or swim. If you choose not to, please be aware that chlorine or any type of water may shorten the life of your jewelry. Do not put product in any type of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machines. To clean your jewelry, wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry. If you feel you need to use a mild soap, be sure to remove all soap before drying.

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