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Verbal Processing Facilitation For Horses | Equine Facilitation

Verbal Processing Facilitation For Horses | Equine Facilitation.

Is your equine experiencing health or behavioral issues? Did you know that without our projections, animals would not age like we do? Equines and other animals often take on projections and expectations from people lifetime after lifetime and lock them into their body. The same holds true for mistreated or abused pets and animals. This can create unease in their universe, dis-ease in their body, and what we would call behavioral problems or other issues.

A Verbal Processing Facilitation Session may include energetic bodywork, hands-on healing, facilitation and verbal clearings. The tools and techniques utilized during this session works on an energetic level to shift energy dynamically. Change can occur quickly with ease, and offer lasting results.

Verbal Processing Facilitation Sessions are available remotely (by distance) or in person (trip charge may apply). We reserve 50 minutes for each session, however the animal determines when the session is complete.

Booking Instructions: 
Once we receive notification of your purchase, someone will contact you to book the appointment. If you have any questions or prefer to book by phone, contact us.

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