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Transition or Possibility For Pets And Animals | Euthanasia Alternative

Transition or Possibility for Pets and Animals | Euthanasia Alternative.

This session is an energetic process which involved me running different energies on the animal. It gives your pet the choice to either stay and heal or transition with more peace and ease. Either way, it is their choice, and the choice isn't always cognitive.

This process helps the animal's being and their body remember that life and death is a choice and begins to restore the communion and connection with earth that is possible for the animal and their body. This can assist with the healing process or transitioning, whichever they choose.

Euthanasia Alternative Sessions are available remotely (by distance) or on-site (trip fee may apply). We reserve 30 minutes for this session; however, the animal determines when the session is complete.

To Book Remote Session: 
Select Location: Remote (By Distance), Date and Time, add to cart and checkout. If you have any questions or prefer to book by phone, contact us.

To Book On-Site Session:
To book an on-site session at your location in the greater Las Vegas Valley (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson) contact us. Trip fee may apply.

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