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Are You And Your Body Asking For Something Greater?

Remember what it was like having ease, joy and fun with your body? Most of us are walking around with no connection to our bodies; we gave that up when we were little kids. When you were a little kid you knew what you wanted to eat, you knew what you wanted to drink, you knew when you wanted to sleep, but nobody let you. What if you could restore the connection you had with your body when you were a little kid?

What Is Body Whispering?

Body Whispering is the ability to understand what your body is communicating to you. It’s like learning a new energetic language. Learning how to listen to and communicate with your body can create more peace, space, joy and possibility for you and your body. What if instead of struggling with your body, you could have ease and fun with your body? Body Whispering is a deeper dive into what is possible for you and your body.

You Are An Infinite Being

Do you identify yourself as your body? If you identify with your body and believe that your body is all you are, you will limit how expansive you can be to the degree you perceive your body and will not allow yourself to know more. The truth is, you are an infinite being, and you have a body. You are you. Your body is your body. You should have a connection with your body, a great connection actually, but you are not one and the same.

You as an infinite being are conscious. As an infinite being you have the capacity to perceive, know, be and receive everything. Though sometimes (actually quite often) our mind gets in the way of our knowing. Our mind gets in the way of us functioning from consciousness.

Your Body Is Conscious

Are you aware that your body is conscious and knows exactly what it desires and requires? Your body is a sensational, sensate, sensorial organism designed to give you information. Your body is giving you information all the time. Your body is like the cat's whiskers, it is here to give you information and help you navigate this reality.

Your body speaks in soft energetic whispers. When your body can’t get your attention, it turns up the volume. When you continue to ignore your body, it eventually starts screaming. We often interpret that screaming as pain or other discomfort.

Would you be willing to listen to your body?

Have you ever asked your body about the things that concern it? What it would like to eat, what clothes it would like to wear, or who it would like to have sex with? Are you aware that your point of view can override your body's point of view? What if you could honor your body? What if you could be grateful for your body without judging it, or you?

The Joy Of Embodiment

What if your body was no longer a struggle you had to overcome? What if you could have ease, peace and joy with your body and your life? Your body is a compass, a guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life. What if you had more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body? What if your body could be your best friend? What if your body were an ongoing source of joy? What if the greatness of embodiment were about the fun you could have with your body? Is it time to experience the joy of embodiment?

When do you realize the gift your body is and will be as you stop fighting?

What if you could have more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body?

Would you like to learn to speak your body’s language?

Body Whispering Classes

Body Whispering Classes | Access Possibilities

What if you no longer had to struggle with your body? What if you could receive everything from your body exactly as it is, with no judgment? Our Body Whispering classes give you pragmatic tools, techniques and processes you can use daily to change what is not working for you and your body. What if your body could facilitate you to awareness of greater embodiment? What contribution would learning the language of your body be to your life, living, reality, and the planet? Learn more about our Body Whispering Classes.

Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment

Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment Session with Julie D. Mayo | Access Possibilities

Together, you and your body are a phenomenal potent efficacious energetic being capable of creating magic and miracles. Is now the time to have more ease and joy with your body and your life? Is now the time to step into the magic your truly be? An Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment Session (ESE Session) is an energetic session designed to create a greater connection between you and your body and facilitate you to step into and be the potency, magic, miracle and possibility you and your body truly be. The amount of change that can be created during a session is phenomenal! Is now the time to be the magic you truly be? Learn more about an Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment Session.

Access Bars®

Access Bars: A Sense of Peace, Space and Possibility | Access Possibilities

Access Bars are the beginning of undoing the lie of limitation that you have held in place for many years, even lifetimes. The Bars® are a relaxing and nurturing process and the quickest and easiest way I know of to release the thoughts, feelings, emotions, limitations, and judgments that limit you. Access Bars are a brilliant contribution to Body Whispering. By clearing the points of views, lies, limitations, and judgments that limit you, it becomes easier to hear what your body has been trying to communicate to you. What if you could have more peace, space and possibility with your body and your life? Learn more about Access Bars. Book an Access Bars Session.

Access Body Processes

Access Body Processes| Experience The Joy Of Embodiment | Access Possibilities
Body Whispering is the ability to understand what your body is communicating to you. Access Body Processes help you increase your awareness of your body so you can know when your body is communicating with you. Access Body Processes are designed to facilitate you in having more communion with your body, they facilitate oneness with the body. When you’re in oneness with the body, there are no barriers between you and your body. You’re totally vulnerable with your body and completely present. What if the greatness of embodiment was about the fun you could have with your body? Learn more about Access Body Processes.

Access Energetic Facelift™

Access Energetic Facelift | Reverse the Effects of Aging Naturally | Access Possibilities

Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body. Access Facelift is a brilliant contribution to Body Whispering. Your body has the ability to generate itself, but unfortunately we tend to have the point of view that our bodies have to die. Every fixed point of view locks your body into the aging process. The aging process ceases as you let go of fixed points of view. Access Facelift is a nurturing energetic hands-on process that clears the points of view that we buy into that lock us into the aging process. People have reported more youthful looking skin, firmer bodies, and fewer judgments of them and their bodies. Learn more about Access Energetic Facelift. Book an Access Energetic Facelift Session.

MTVSS Body Process

MTVSS Body Process | Holistic Healing | Access Possibilities
MTVSS Body Process is one of the most potent Access Body Processes. It can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. MTVSS is often the tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major affect on the immune system. Cancer and other potentially fatal diseases have been changed with regular running of this process. The results of running MTVSS to undo trauma can be quite dramatic, providing ease and healing which years of more conventional treatment have not been able to provide. MTVSS Body Process is a brilliant contribution to Body Whispering. MTVSS facilitates oneness with the body. Learn more about the MTVSS Body Process. Book an MTVSS Body Process Session.

Body Whispering: The Untold Story

Body Whispering: The Untold Story | Access Possibilities

How much have you locked into your body that you haven't been able to change because you haven't been given information and tools that actually work?

How often have you had a problem, pain, health issue or something else going on, and everybody and their brother seemed to have an idea of what you should do?

And, how often has someone told you what you should do; only to find out after you did it, that it didn't actually work for you? So now, how much do you resist when someone tells you what you should do?

What if there was a different possibility available for you and your body? What if there was an easier way? Continue reading Body Whispering: The Untold Story.

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