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Access Possibilities offers events that empower you to create the health, wealth and life you desire! Covering an array of topics such as alternative therapies, body whispering, consciousness, energy healing, holistic health, magic, money, sex and relationships, the Earth, and YOU, so that you can have more ease and joy with your body and your life!

As a Body Whisperer, Consciousness Facilitator and Body Whispering Instructor Julie's approach is quite unique. Access Possibilities Founder/Creator, Julie D. Mayo, facilitates people to tap into and recognize their own knowing, abilities and capacities. She also teaches people how to listen to and communicate with their body so that they can have more peace, space and possibility with their body and their life.

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Below we've highlighted some of our more popular events, including tasters, workshops and classes. Continue browsing below or jump to our event schedule or our event calendar.

Introductory Classes

Beyond Aging

Beyond Aging | Access Possibilities

Would you like to create a totally different possibility with your body in regards to aging? What would it be like to melt away the judgment you have of the way you look? This introductory class is the beginning of seeing and being with your body in a whole new way. Learn how you can change your perspective and remove the limitations you have put in place that stop your body from regenerating itself indefinitely. Learn more about Beyond Aging.

Find Your Happy

Find Your Happy | Access Possibilities

Are you stuck in a place in your life where happiness seems impossible? Or maybe you would just like a little more joy to show up? This class will give you 4 easy tools that you can use to create happiness as your daily reality! What choice for happiness do you have available, that if you made it, would create a greater life, a greater reality for you, and a greater world for us all? If you make the choice for happiness and play with the 4 tools introduced in this class to get out of the YUCK when you are STUCK, the problems in your life will start to dissipate and change. Learn more about Find Your Happy.

Intro To Access Bars

Intro To Access Bars | Access Possibilities

Intro to Access Bars is about having the tools to know what is true for you, to BE YOU, and to find you when you get lost in other people’s limited boxes. This class is about having the possibilities you always wanted to show up, and when something doesn’t work, having the tools to change it, right then and there. During this introductory class Julie will go over some of the basic tools of Access Consciousness and introduce you to Access Bars®, a dynamic and easy-to-learn hands-on body process. Learn more about Intro To Access Bars.

Introduction To Your Body

Introduction To Your Body | An Introductory Class | Access Possibilities

What is one thing that we all have in common? We have a body. In the search and journey of consciousness and desiring more, our bodies are often overlooked or vilified. What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different? If you identify yourself as your body and believe that your body is all you are, you will limit how expansive you can be to the degree you perceive your body and will not allow yourself to know more. The truth is, you are an infinite being and you have a body. Learn more about Introduction To Your Body.

Magic. You Are It. Be It!

Magic. You Are It. Be It! | Access PossibilitiesMagic is all around us, it's something that we all generate. Have you ever performed magic, and then deny it, because others told you it wasn't possible? What if you were way more talented and gifted than you've ever acknowledged? What if you have the capacity to change things, just by asking? Do you know how amazing you truly be? What would it be like to think differently about the universe, the consciousness and oneness that we all are and the magic that is an intrinsic part of it?

Stepping Into Being You

Stepping Into Being You | Access Possibilities

Being you isn’t about getting it right. It’s about being the energy of you, whatever that may be in any situation. When you start being you, you stop being the effect of the world around you and you start to create your life and know that any situation is changeable. This class was created to take you from running your life on autopilot into becoming fully alive and more of you! This class is based on 'Being You, Changing The World' by Dr. Dain Heer and the tools of Access Consciousness. Learn more about Stepping Into Being You.

Stress Relief Workshop

Stress Relief Workshop | Access Possibilities

We all know that feeling when it seems like the sky is falling. And not just falling, but falling specifically on YOUR head! Stress seems to be a part of life that we have decided we just have to deal with or that appears to be the bi-product of creating a life we’d like to have. What if there was another way? The Stress Relief Introductory class will give you a few simple tools to invite you to the possibility that angst and worry no longer have to exist in your world. Learn more about our Stress Relief Workshop.

Access Consciousness Core Classes

Access Bars Class

Access Bars Class | Access Consciousness Core Class | Access PossibilitiesThe Bars are the starting point of a great adventure and something you can add to your life that will assist you in creating greater ease with your body and everything. Access Bars have assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their life and body including stress, anxiety, depression, health, weight, body image, sleep, money, sex, relationships, and so much more! What would it be like to have more freedom in all these areas? Access Bars is the first core class of Access Consciousness. Practitioner certification is available. Learn more about attending an Access Bars Class.

Access Foundation

Access Foundation | Access Consciousness Core Class | Access PossibilitiesAccess Foundation is the second core class in Access Consciousness. Foundation classes are designed to empower you to change anything and everything you’d like to change in your life. Every year during Global Foundation the creators of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer facilitate a global rewrite of the Foundation class live and live-streamed around the world. As Gary and Dain re-write the class they create new processes and clearings that allow everyone the choice to go even further than before. Learn more about Access Foundation and Global Foundation.

Energetic Body Work | Hands-On Healing

Access Energetic Facelift™ 

Access Energetic Facelift Class | Access PossibilitiesWhat if you could look and feel younger without injecting botulinum, acupuncture needles, or creating other trauma to your body? Access Energetic Facelift is a hands-on body process from Access Consciousness. Access Facelift uses multiple energetic processes to address stresses on the body that create aging. People have reported more youthful looking skin, firmer bodies, and fewer judgments of them and their bodies. Practitioner certification is available. Learn more about the Access Energetic Facelift Class.

Access Body Process Classes

Access Body Process Classes | Access PossibilitiesDo you have ease, joy and glory with everything regarding your body? If not, Access Body Processes and classes can create dynamic change. Everything from boosting the immune system, weight loss, age reversal, to creating what the rest of the world considers miracles on a daily basis by changing disease and dysfunction in the body. More than 50 different hands-on Access Body Process Classes are available. Practitioner certification is available for each Body Process Class. Learn more about Access Body Process Classes.

MTVSS Body Process Class

MTVSS Body Process Class | Access Possibilities

MTVSS Body Process is one of the most potent Access Body Processes. It can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. MTVSS is often the tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. MTVSS can have an incredibly dynamic effect on the immune system. Cancer and other potentially fatal diseases have been changed with regular running of this process. The results of running MTVSS to undo trauma can be quite dramatic, providing ease and healing which years of more conventional treatment have not been able to provide. Learn more about our MTVSS Body Process Class.

Body Whispering Series

Body Whispering 101: Body Awareness

Body Whispering 101: Body Awareness | Access Possibilities

After Introduction To Your Body, Body Whispering 101: Body Awareness is the first class in our series of Body Whispering Classes. This class is designed to give you a greater awareness of what you and your body are truly capable of, and to recognize the gift that having a body actually is. This class will assist you in opening up a dialog with your body so that you can begin to create a greater connection with your body. Are you willing to have a different relationship with your body? Learn more about Body Whispering 101: Body Awareness.

Body Whispering: Secrets From The Body Whisperer

Body Whispering: Secrets From The Body Whisperer | Access Possibilities

Body Whispering: Secrets From The Body Whisperer is the second class in our series of Body Whispering Classes. After Body Whispering 101: Body Awareness, Body Whispering: Secrets From The Body Whisperer is a deeper dive into what is possible for you and your body. What if you no longer had to struggle with your body? This two-day class is about giving you some pragmatic tools, techniques and processes that you can use daily to change what is not working for you and your body. What if you could have more ease, peace and joy with your body and your life? Learn more about Body Whispering: Secrets From The Body Whisperer.

Body Whispering: Communicating With Your Body

Body Whispering: Communicating With Your Body | Access Possibilities

Body Whispering: Communicating With Your Body is our one-year program designed to guide and support you as you begin applying the tools, techniques and processes presented in our Body Whispering Classes so that you can continue to create an even greater connection with your body, while having more ease. During this program you will receive additional facilitation, tools, techniques, processes and homeplay to facilitate you in creating more for you and your body. Learn more about Body Whispering: Communicating With Your Body.

Access Possibilities Events

Access Bars Party

Access Bars Party | Access PossibilitiesDo you enjoy parties? Would you like to host one? How much fun could you have getting a group of friends together to explore infinite possibilities? During an Access Bars Party, Access Facilitator, Julie D. Mayo, will present some of the weird, wild and wacky tools of Access Consciousness. Immediately following her presentation, introductory Access Bars sessions will be available at a reduced rate so that they can experience having their Bars run first hand. What contribution could hosting a Bars Party be to you, your body, your life, living, reality and friends? To host an Access Bars Party contact us.

Clearing Event

Clearing Event | Access Possibilities

Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like to be? What if the things that are limiting you could be changed much quicker and easier than you've ever imagined possible? During a Clearing Event, Julie will facilitate you in 'clearing' limitations and what no longer serves you by using the tools and processes of Access Consciousness so that you can begin to create the life you truly desire. What if you could have more ease with your body, health, sex, relationships, money, business, family and more? Learn more about our Clearing Events

Access Bars Gifting And Receiving


Access Bars Gifting And Receiving | Access Possibilities
Bars Gifting and Receiving events are open to all Bars Practitioners, Facilitators and anyone who knows how to run the Access Bars. These events are a great way for Bars Practitioners to practice their new skill. For those new to The Bars ‘receiving only’ is available at a special rate. What if you could have more ease, space and possibility in your universe? Get together with fellow Accessories in your area and trade Bars. Learn more about Access Bars Gifting and Receiving.

Access Body Gifting And Receiving

Access Body Gifting And Receiving | Access PossibilitiesAccess Body Gifting and Receiving events are open to anyone that has taken Access Foundation, an Access 3 Day Body Class, or any Access Body Process Classes. During this event you will be able to trade Access Body Processes with fellow Accessories in your area. Access Consciousness body work is a very unique type of hands-on energy healing that creates dynamic change by shifting energy dynamically. Learn more about Access Body Gifting and Receiving.

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