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Trip Charge For Alternative Pet Services | Alternative Animal Services

Trip Charge for Alternative Pet Services | Alternative Animal Services.

Our alternative pet services are like no other. If you are looking for alternative solutions for your pet or animal's health or behavioral issues you are in the right place. We work with dogs, cats, horses and other animals too!

No matter what your pet or animal might be dealing with - health issues, behavioral challenges, trauma or abuse, abandonment, separation anxiety, loss of spirit or energy, loss of appetite or not eating, not acting like themselves, not getting along with people, not getting along with other animals, or maybe you simply desire a greater connection with your pet, we offer an array of Alternative Pet Services including Alternative Therapies and Facilitation for many different pet and animal needs.

Many of our Alternative Pet Services are available remotely (by distance) or in person. If you have a large animal or would like us to come to you our trip fee is $5 per mile round trip in addition to the cost of the service.

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