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Introduction To Body Whispering

Most of us are walking around with no connection to our bodies; we gave that up when we were little kids. When you were a little kid you knew what you wanted to eat, you knew what you wanted to drink, you knew when you wanted to sleep, but nobody let you. So instead of listening to our bodies, most of us have been taught to ignore our bodies. No wonder many of us become disconnected from our bodies!

What if there was a totally different possibility for you and your body?

Introduction To Body Whispering is an introductory class designed to give you the awareness that there is a totally different possibility available for you and your body.

Your body is a sensational, sensate, sensorial organism designed to give you information. Your body is giving you information all the time. Your body is like the cat's whiskers, it is here to give you information and help you navigate this reality.

Your body speaks in soft energetic whispers. When your body can’t get your attention, it turns up the volume. When you continue to ignore your body, it eventually starts screaming. We often interpret that screaming as pain or other discomfort. What is your body telling you?

Body Whispering is the ability to listen to and know what your body is communicating to you. It’s like learning a new energetic language. Learning how to listen to and communicate with your body can create more peace, space, joy and possibility for you and your body. What if you could have more ease and fun with your body and your life? Body Whispering is a deeper dive into what is possible for you and your body.

During this introductory class Body Whispering Facilitator, Julie D. Mayo, will show you a totally different way to relate to your body and give you some tools so that you can begin to create a greater connection with your body and have more ease with your body.

You can ask any question during class. Each class is co-created with everyone who chooses to come to that particular class. No two classes are ever the same. You can attend as many of these introductory classes as you choose.

Are you and your body asking for something greater?




Introduction To Body Whispering pricing varies; check event details.


Class requires advance payment. A payment link will be sent in your registration confirmation email after you register.


Introduction To Body Whispering is offered in two class formats: Live (In-Person Live Class) or Online (Online Class via Zoom Videoconference); check event details for class format.

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Would You Like To Host a Class?

Introduction To Body Whispering is a great contribution to any health and wellness business, yoga studio, weight loss center, wellness center, cancer treatment center, recovery program, support group, body worker, healer, practitioner or facilitator looking to enhance the healing they can do for their clients. To inquire about hosting a class contact us.

What if you could have more ease, peace and joy with your body and your life?

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®
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