Natural Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Natural Himalayan Salt Blocks sold individually by weight. These natural salt blocks can be placed in the bath or left standing in the shower to release negative ions for detoxification and health benefits including air purification. Size and shapes vary.

Metaphysical And Healing Properties: 
Himalayan Salt 
Himalayan Salt, also known as Pink Halite, is a form of edible crystal. Pink Himalayan sea salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, it does more than just make your food taste better, Himalayan pink salt does not have to be ingested for one to reap health benefits. Use in the bath or shower to soothe sore muscles, assist in detoxification and adsorb trace mineral and other nutrients through the skin. Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt has very similar properties to Rose Quartz and is an excellent crystal for love, especially self-love. It assists one to take action, find a sense of purpose, and to live a healthier lifestyle. It also helps one in learning to say ‘no’, or to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment. Himalayan salt is used for protection; protection from evil, especially protection in and around the home. Himalayan Salt is also used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negative energies. This natural salt is also used to release attachments, including emotional attachments. It is recommended that those who work in environments of negativity or indirect communication keep a piece of Pink Halite (Himalayan Salt) on their desk or nearby. Himalayan Mineral Salt crystal has gentle, but strong grounding and centering energies and is said to bring abundance and prosperity into a home. 

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