Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones From Russia

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones from Russia sold individually by weight. Photos are labeled with size of stones by weight in grams; see size and weight chart below.

Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical And Healing Properties
Lapis Lazuli can alleviate pain, especially that of migraine headaches, aka migraines. It can benefit the throat, larynx, thyroid, thymus, respiratory and nervous systems and bone marrow. It can overcome depression, hearing loss and speech problems. It can cleanse organs, purify blood, and boost the immune system. It can alleviate insomnia, vertigo (dizziness) and lower blood pressure. 

Crystal Therapy Information 

Healing Crystals Metaphysical And Healing Properties 

Size And Weight Chart 
Small (1-5 grams) 
Medium (6-15 grams) 
Large (16-25 grams) 
X-Large (26-35 grams) 
Jumbo (36-45 grams) 
Jumbo + (46-55 grams) 
Individual (56-65 grams) 
Individual + (>65 grams) 

Our Tumbled Stones 
There is no set standard for sizing tumbled stones. Since stones are three-dimensional, we feel you get more value for your money when purchasing stones by weight. When comparing prices, note the weight of the stone, this will give you a better idea as to the value you are getting. We photograph all of our tumbled stones around a quarter, to help show the size and shape of our stones. Due to the nature of natural crystals and gemstones color, size, shape and pattern may vary. 

Product can be purchased wholesale when all wholesale criteria is met by vendor.

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