Polished Sand Dollar Fossils From Madagascar

Polished Sand Dollar Fossils From Madagascar

Polished Sand Dollar Fossils from Madagascar sold individually. These fossils measure ~1 inch or more in diameter, ~1/2 inch in height, and measure 11.6 to 16.9 grams each. These fine specimens were alive during the Jurassic Period (~145 million years ago), and exhibit a fantastic 5-rayed star. The top of the specimen has been polished. 

Sand Dollar Fossil Metaphysical And Healing Properties: 
These sand dollar fossils are also known as Sea Urchin Fossils, Sea Urchin Star Fish or Witch-Stone. They are a Clypeasteroid, a member of the Echinoid family. These fossils are powerful reminders of the earths beginning. They hold ancient DNA when earth was going thru similar changes as now. They are said to have supernatural healing powers and medicinal uses. They have also been used for protection and good luck. They are helpful in all spells, as they represent the Elements. The ancients believed that within these structures there lived a wisdom that could not be explained. 

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