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Septarian Spheres From Madagascar With Sphere Stand

Septarian Spheres From Madagascar With Sphere Stand

Septarian Spheres sold individually by size in millimeters. Clear acrylic sphere stand included. Place a Septarian sphere in any room to infuse the room with Septarian crystal properties.

Septarian Metaphysical And Healing Properties 
Septarian brings together the properties of Calcite, Aragonite and Chalcedony. Septarian encourages taking care of the earth. Septarian detects and rebalances blockages in the body. Septarian is beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), self-healing, skin disorders, cellular memory, metabolism, and reduces swelling and growths. It supports the intestines, kidneys, blood and heart.

Crystal Therapy Information 

Healing Crystals Metaphysical And Healing Properties 

Our Polished Spheres 
Our polished spheres are sold by size in millimeters or inches. We include the weight of our spheres in the product description whenever possible. Due to the nature of natural crystals color, size, shape and pattern may vary.

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