Transition or Possibility Session

Transition Or Possibility Session

A Transition Or Possibility Session is about giving the being and the body choice when it comes to terminal illness.

Whether you have been told that there is nothing else that can be done for you and you are looking for a different possibility, or you're tired of suffering and ready to move on but you haven't been able to let go, Julie can assist you.

If you are looking for what many would consider a miracle or you'd simply like to pass with more peace and ease Julie will honor your choice and can assist you in whatever you choose.

This process helps the being and the body remember that life and death is a choice and begins to restore the communion and connection with earth that is possible for us and our bodies. This can assist with the healing process or transitioning.

This session involves two energetic processes that can be done by distance (remotely), or in person. Allow up to 50 minutes for your session. 

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