Abundance Essential Oil - 15ml

Abundance Essential Oil - 15 ml

Abundance Essential Oil is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction" which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities. Young Living pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade.

Abundance combines oils used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. Abundance is an oil blend of Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon and Spruce.

Abundance Essential Oil Uses:

  • Bring abundant feelings of health, wealth and happiness
  • Relaxation of the mind
  • Uplifting and empowering
  • Promotes positive attitude
  • Balance emotions
  • Supports immune system
  • Combats viruses
  • Perfume scent

Antiviral Properties
Orange, Clove, Myrrh, and Cinnamon essential oils have antiviral properties. The term "antiviral" refers to something that is able to inhibit or stop the development, function, or replication of an infection-causing virus.

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Aromatherapy essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants. Essential oils are the most concentrated and potent of all plant extracts. They are approximately 75 to 100 times more concentrated than dried herbs. Essential oils offer support for the body and can be used to clean and purify your home, auto, workplace, etc. All of our aromatherapy essential oils are pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade. 

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