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Equine Possibilities: Creating Greater Connections Between Beings, Bodies, Equines and The Planet | Access Possibilities


Did you know that peace is a natural state for animals? This is true for people too, but our minds often get in the way of us being still, peaceful, and totally present. When you create or tap into a place of peace for a horse or animal, everything becomes calm, cool and collected - you're in the zone.

Do you know that every animal, plant and structure, every molecule on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift to you? If you are unwilling to receive, then you miss out on what they wish to give you. You also limit your ability to receive in every area of your life - the money you can have, what you can experience, and what is possible for you.

Did you know animals can talk? It's interesting to observe animals misbehaving when we don't listen to them. They know what the require and they will communicate that to you, if you're able to receive it. Animals telepathically pick up on all your thoughts, feelings and emotions. That's language to them and they give the whole picture of what's going on for them, if you ask them a question.

One of the greatest gifts that animals give us is the way they receive from us without question, without judgment, and without limitation. They give us the opportunity to do the one thing that most of us never get the chance to do, totally gift everything we have without limitation or consideration.

Animals are more conscious that you are. When you acknowledge their consciousness, they will start to behave differently with you. They can teach you how to have a more expansive reality, and they'll give this to you if you'll listen. Animals can help you learn to function with the Earth. That's the value of being able to communicate with them.


Horses are amazing creatures. Horses are like your body; they are aware. They function from consciousness. They know what they desire, they know what they require, and they know what will actually work for them. They don't have a mind to get in their way.

Equines and other domesticated animals will pick up on whatever we project at them. This can create unease in their universe, dis-ease in their body, and what we would call behavioral problems or other issues. They, like our bodies, are doing their best to communicate with us, but we tend not to listen. Equines don't speak in words. They communicate telepathically, and each person may perceive it differently. We just need to learn how to listen.

Raven's Story

Raven, 3 year old Arabian mare, before and after Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE)

My initial training of Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) took place 10 years ago with the founder of the work, Suzy Godsey, on a ranch about an hour north of Sunshine Coast, Australia, where we worked on horses for 3 days. Such a wonderful experience!

It was so amazing to see how much these horses changed in just 3 short days! About 5 years later I heard about Raven and saw her before and after ESSE photos. I had to re-tell her story!

Raven, a 3 year old Arabian mare at the time, tried to jump out of her stall overnight and nearly cut her leg off. Raven's owner was attending a 4-day ESSE class at the time, where they were working on horses and people bodies.

Raven's owner came in on day 3 nearly hysterical. The vet wouldn’t even treat her horse. The wound was filled with maggots and she was written off. He recommended that the horse be put down. The owner brought this horse to class, as a last ditch effort to save her.

"When working with Raven I was able to see what ESSE really does that I never knew before! I’m amazed with this work, what Gary Douglas calls, “The Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment." Glenna Rice, ESSE Instructor

I too continue to be amazed by this work. With what can be created with all bodies, people bodies, equine bodies and other animal bodies too! Nothing short of miracles!

"ESSE deconstructs the glue of judgment that keeps all things in limitation and bodies in pain." Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness Founder

Equine Services

Equine Services | Facilitation & Energy Work For Horses | Access Possibilities

Equine Services with Julie will be unlike anything you or your horse have experienced! Julie's approach is radically different and is geared toward results. Julie can facilitate equines in many different areas - health issues, behavioral challenges, trauma or abuse, loss of spirit, off their feed, not getting along with people, not getting along with other horses, not acting like themselves, or maybe you simply desire a greater connection with your horse. No matter what the issue may be, Julie offers alternative solutions that work! Learn more about ESSE for Horses and our other Equine Services.

Equines And Bodies

Years ago equines chose to create a partnership with man. Mankind would not be where he is today if it wasn't for this contributory partnership. Horses are like our bodies in many ways and there is much we can learn from them. Equines can facilitate us to be greater. To be more aware. To be more space. To function from consciousness. To have more ease. To be more connected to the Earth, and to actually function as the Earth.

Beings And Bodies

You are an infinite being, and you have a body. You are you. Your body is your body. You should have a connection with your body, a great connection actually, but you are not one and the same. As an infinite being you have the capacity to perceive, know, be and receive everything. Though sometimes, actually quite often, our mind gets in the way of our knowing. Our mind gets in the way of us functioning from consciousness, Our mind gets in the way of us being everything we are capable of being. Our bodies can facilitate us to greater awareness. Are you aware that your body is conscious and knows exactly what it desires and requires? Your body knows exactly what will work for it. Your body is a sensational, sensate, sensorial organism designed to give you information. Your body is giving you information all the time.

The Planet

The Planet Earth | Equine Possibilities | Access Possibilities

Have you ever acknowledged this beautiful planet we live on? Are you aware that without this planet you wouldn't have a body? Your body is part of the Earth and connected to the Earth. What if you were to acknowledge that? What if you were to acknowledge the contribution you are to the planet and everything?

Every animal, every plant, is part of the earth and connected to the earth. Horses are aware of and so willing to have this connection. Animals function as part of the Earth; they are in communion with the Earth. People try to live on the Earth and take from it, instead of living with it and seeing how they can contribute to it. What if instead of using the Earth, we were to work with it? What possibilities would be available beyond what is occurring today?

What if you could learn how to communicate with horses, your body, and the planet? What if you could have a greater connection with you, your body, equines and the planet?


Whispering | Horse & Body Whispering | Access Possibilities

What if the story of Doctor Dolittle was truth, not fiction? Every molecule in the universe is made up of energy, and every molecule has consciousness. Every molecule in the universe is connected. We the being have a mind. And our mind often gets in the way of us being. It gets in the way of us listening.

The universe and everything in it communicates in feather light whispers of energy. Most of us, somewhere along the way, have forgotten that we have the ability to communicate with every molecule.

What if you could once again learn how to speak the language of energy, and how to listen to the whispers of the universe? What if you could have a greater connection with you, your body, equines, the Earth and everything? Does that sound like fun? Would you be willing to be the magic and the whisperer you truly be?

Body Whispering

Body Whispering | Access Possibilities
Body Whispering is the ability to understand what your body is communicating to you. It’s like learning a new energetic language. Learning how to listen to and communicate with your body can create more peace, space, joy and possibility for you, and your body. What if instead of struggling with your body, you could have ease and fun with your body? Body Whispering is a deeper dive into what is possible for you and your body. What has your body been communicating to you? Learn more about Body Whispering.

Access Body Processes

Access Body Processes For Horses & Equines | Access Possibilities

Access Body Processes are a unique type of hands-on energy work that are very effective for all body types - animal bodies, people bodies, and even plants! Access Body Processes unlock tension, resistance, pain, dis-ease, aging, weight, trauma and abuse from the body. These gentle touch hands-on energetic techniques allow the body to restructure and self-heal. These processes invite you and your horse to change the way you relate to your body, to other bodies, to other horses, the planet... and thus everything in your life. What would it be like to have more ease with everything? Learn more about Access Body Processes.

Access Body Process Classes

Access Body Process Classes For Bodies, Horses & Equines | Access Possibilities

Access Body Process Classes have no prerequisites and are offered as a half-day class where you learn one body process, or a one-day class where you learn two different body processes. While I facilitate Access Body Process Classes frequently for people bodies, I am actively seeking horse owners and equine business owners or non-profits that are interested in hosting a class or forming a partnership for creating particular classes and events. Animals love these processes! If there is an animal in the vicinity of a process running, more often than not, the animal will be lying on or near the person running the the process or the person/animal receiving the process. Learn more about Access Body Process Classes.

Would You Like To Host A Class?

Do you love horses, own or work with equines? We are currently seeking individuals, business owners and non-profits that own or have access to equines that would be interested in hosting a class or forming a partnership for creating particular classes and events. If interested please contact us.

What gift, contribution and magic are equines that you haven't yet acknowledged?

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®
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