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Access Body Processes | Access Possibilities | Would Enjoying Your Body More Change Your Life?

Would enjoying your body more change your life?

Access Body Processes unlock tension, resistance and dis-ease of the body by shifting energy dynamically. Everything from boosting the immune system, weight loss, reverse aging, to creating what the rest of the world considers miracles on a daily basis.

Some of the changes reported include a shift in body size/shape and overall relief from acute and chronic pain and trauma. Their relationships and money issues seem to get easier too. 

What is one thing that we all have in common? We have a body. How many of us spend so much of our lives at odds with our body, or not liking our body, or even hating our bodies? Or having no clue how our body is meant to work, and how to get it to do what you want it to do?

In the search and journey of consciousness and desiring more, our bodies are often overlooked or vilified. What if we saw the value of our body, instead of the wrongness of it, and what could we create if we had that in our reality? What could we create different? 

What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different? 

What Are Access Body Processes?

Access Consciousness Body Processes are a very unique type of hands-on healing that creates dynamic change. These alternative therapies have been used to boost the immune system, for weight loss, to release trauma, to reverse the signs of aging, and to create what the rest of the world considers miracles on a daily basis by shifting energy dynamically and changing disease and dysfunction in the body. 

The Access Body Processes were created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, the creators of Access Consciousness®. These processes invite you to change the way you relate to your body... and thus everything in your life.

The Access Consciousness bodywork is one of the amazing tools in Access that is actually designed to give you greater access to your body. What if your body was capable of a level of joy, a level of peace, a level of happiness, and a level of ability that maybe you haven't yet accessed?

These processes can give you access to a totally different kind of body. Access body work can basically change and address anything and everything with a body, from minor aches and pains and trauma to full-blown diseases and disabilities.

Using the Access Body Processes we can begin to shift and change the energy that's creating the minor ache and pain or the full-blown disease. With hundreds of hands-on processes, as well as verbal processes, we can deal with most issues that exist in bodies today. 

Experience Access Body Processes

Access Body Processes | Hands-On Holistic Healing | Access Possibilities

You can experience Access Consciousness Body Processes through private sessions, classes, and Access Body Gifting and Receiving events. Access Body Processes can be run on plants and animals too!

Access Body Process Sessions For Bodies


Access Body Process Session | Access Possibilities

We offer more than 50 different Access Body Process Sessions, in addition to the Access Bars® and Access Energetic Facelift™

Our services that include Access body processes:

In addition to:

We offer several other holistic services that incorporate the tools and other bodywork from Access Consciousness, such as Symphony Sessions and ESSE Sessions. Browse all private sessions with Julie.

Advanced body work is available for those who have done more Access. The body needs some basic work (mentioned above), before it is able to receive more advanced bodywork.

With more than 50 body processes to choose from, there is no need to know which process your body requires, Julie will check in with your body and know which process to run.

Access Body Process Sessions For Pets And Animals

Access Body Process Sessions For Horses, Pets and Animals | Access Possibilities

If you are looking for alternative solutions for your pets health or behavioral issues we work on pets and animals too! Alternative Pet Services which incorporate Access Consciousness Body Processes include:

In addition to the two sessions mentioned above, we offer additional services for animals that incorporate other tools and more advanced body work from Access Consciousness. Browse all Alternative Pet Services.

Access Consciousness Body Classes

What you'll experience during Access Consciousness Body Classes are people coming together to lay around on massage tables and learning how to run these energies with their own bodies, while learning how to receive with their bodies.

Would you like to learn how to run Access Body Processes? You have several options available. Access Consciousness includes about a hundred different body processes at this point. A couple of the body processes are introduced in the Access Bars Class. A few more are available in the Access Foundation Class. And more than 50 body processes are available in the 3 Day Body Class. Access Bars and Foundation are prerequisites for attending a 3 Day Body Class. 

More than 50 different body processes are available by attending Access Body Process Classes which have no prerequisites. All Access Body Classes are either taught by Body Process Facilitators or 3 Day Body Class Facilitators.

Access Energetic Facelift is a hands-on body process which involves running more than 30 energies on the body, and is now available by attending a one-day class without prerequisites. The Access Energetic Facelift Class is facilitated by Access Facelift Facilitators. Julie D. Mayo, Access Possibilities Founder/Creator is an Access Facelift Facilitator and enjoys facilitating this amazing class.

For those desiring more, advanced bodywork is available in the Advanced Body Class after attending two of the 3 Day Body Classes. The Advanced Body Class is taught by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness.

Do you have a capacity for healing that you haven't yet tapped into?

Access Body Processes: Hands-On Energy Healing

Access Body Process Classes

Access Body Process Classes | Learn Hands-On Holistic Healing | Access Possibilities

Do you have a talent and ability to work with bodies that you haven't yet unlocked? Would enjoying your body more change your life?

Are you a body worker - massage therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor or nurse - looking for a way to enhance the healing you can do for your clients?

Access Possibilities Creator/Founder, Julie D. Mayo, is an Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator. Julie teaches more than 50 different Access body process classes that unlock tension, resistance and dis-ease from the body by shifting energy dynamically. Practitioner certification is available upon completion of each body process class. 

Access Body Process Classes have no prerequisites and are offered as a half-day class where you learn one body process, or a one-day class where you learn two different body processes. Learn more about Access Body Process Classes

MTVSS Body Process Class

MTVSS Body Process | MTVSS is one of the most potent Access Body Processes | Access Possibilities

MTVSS is one of the most potent Access Body Processes. It can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. MTVSS is often the tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major affect on the immune system. The results of running MTVSS to undo trauma can be quite dramatic, providing ease and healing which years of more conventional treatment have not been able to provide. Learn more about the MTVSS Body Process Class.

Access Body Gifting and Receiving

Access Body Gifting & Receiving | Access Body Processes | Access Possibilities

After attending an Access 3 Day Body Class, any of the Access Body Process Classes, or Access Foundation, you are invited to attend Access Body Gifting and Receiving events. These events are a great place to get together fellow Accessories and enjoy receiving the benefits of these amazing, relaxing, yummy body processes. During this event you will be able to trade Access Body Processes with other practitioners in your area. Learn more about Access Body Gifting and Receiving events.

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What if the greatness of embodiment was about the fun you could have with your body?

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