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30 Day Coaching Program | Holistic Coaching & Transformation

30 Day Coaching Program with Julie D. Mayo

Have you always known that your life could be so much more, but you don't know what to do or how to get there? What if there was more available to you than you've ever imagined possible? What if you could access possibilities in every area of your life? What if you could live your life with ease and have more fun too?

Coaching with Julie goes far beyond traditional coaching, counseling or therapy to give you lasting results more quickly and easily than traditional methods.

Each coaching session includes Verbal Processing Facilitation. Verbal processing is where Julie will target any areas you would like to change. Simply by you talking about whatever is up for you, or by Julie asking you questions, it will bring up energies that are creating limitation or keeping you stuck around that subject or item. Once the energy comes up, Julie will blast the energies out of existence with the clearing statement. This creates dynamic change.

Facilitation is where Julie will present a totally different perspective and empower you to tap into your knowing. When you know what is true for you and follow your knowing, it becomes much easier to create the health, wealth and life you truly desire. Julie will give you tools, techniques and processes that you can use daily to change the things you would like to change and to create the things you would like to create.

Julie may even give you homeplay. Homeplay is an assignment you complete on your own time and then go over during a future session. Homeplay is designed to give you greater awareness and will contribute to you creating more of the change you desire. It's a practical application of the tools which you can play with so that you can begin to step into and be the magic you truly be.

Our 30-Day Coaching Program can be used to create change in as many areas of your life as you choose - health, body, trauma, relationships, money, business - the possibilities are infinite! When working together on a continuous basis, each session builds on the last which allows us to go further with every session.

What if life was no longer about solving problems? What if your life was about living, celebrating, and being everything, you came here to be and more?

30 Day Coaching Program Includes: 

  • 4 - 50 minute sessions  (1 session per week via online video conference*)
  • Session Recordings 
  • Clearing Loops
  • Homeplay as assigned 

Once you purchase this program and book your first session, we will contact you to schedule your weekly appointments.

*Online video conference is a real-time meeting held over the internet which allows two-way communication including both audio (sound) and video (picture).

What if you could have everything you desire and more?

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®

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