How Are The Bars, Verbal Processing & Facilitation Different?

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

How Are The Bars, Verbal Processing & Facilitation Different? | Create Dynamic Change! | Access Possibilities Blog

I am often asked; how are The Bars, Verbal Processing and Facilitation different? 

The Bars, Verbal Processing and Facilitation are the quickest and easiest ways I've seen that can change any limitation or point of view. So, let's dive into what makes each one different and how they work.

The Bars®

The Bars are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, considerations and any points of view you have had in any lifetime.

The Bars are the beginning of undoing the lie of limitation that you have held in place for millions of years. With one Bars session, you release hundreds of thousands of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Having your Bars run is not a cognitive process, what clears are those insane points of view buried deep in your subconscious, that you don't even realize you have.

You don't have to know what is limiting you to clear it. You don't have to know when or why you created something in order to clear it. You only have to be willing to receive, and The Bars begin to dissolve anything that doesn't allow you to receive. 

Access Bars® is a relaxing and nurturing process that have assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their life and body including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, health, weight, body image, sleep, money, sex, relationships, and so much more!

Verbal Processing

Verbal Processing, often referred to as running clearings, can be used to target any areas of you life that you would like to change - your health, body, trauma, sex, relationships, money, business, career, you, your life - the possibilities are infinite!

Verbal processes address the things that keep you replaying the same old story over and over no matter what you do to try and change it. During verbal processing I will ask specially designed questions that allow you to look at the stuck areas of your life in a new way. The words used are designed to assist you to transform the energy of that which is limiting you.

The processes allow you to let go of old patterns without having to re-live or re-experience any trauma, drama or discomfort. This gives you access to a whole new way of being based on awareness and choice.

After searching for more than 20 years for something that actually works, the clearing statement is by far the quickest and easiest way I've come across to clear limitations, judgments, non-serving beliefs, and limited points of view.


Facilitation is about empowering you to tap into your knowing, to know what is actually true for you and to follow that knowing. When you acknowledge what is true for you and actually begin choosing what you know will work for you, life becomes easier.

Facilitation is also about presenting a totally different perspective, and giving you tools, techniques and processes that you can use to change the things you would like to change and create the things you would like to create.

A Note About Verbal Processing & The Bars

When doing a lot of verbal processing (multiple sessions, attending classes, etc.) having your Bars run is highly recommended as it will clear out all the energies that were unlocked with the clearing statement and it will create more ease in the body! As Gary says, for every hour of verbal processing, it's best to have your Bars run that long too.

Attending an Access Bars Class is a great way to experience all three tools - The Bars, Verbal Processing and Facilitation - in one day!

My Verbal Processing Facilitation Session is a combination of verbal processing and facilitation. I utilize verbal processing and facilitation during many of my other private sessions, including my coaching sessions and coaching programs. My Transformation Bundle Session is a combination of verbal processing, facilitation and The Bars.

If your target is Limitless Living or having more ease and possibilities in your life, The Bars, Verbal Processing and Facilitation are the most potent tools I have seen or experienced for creating change and greater awareness quicker, easier and with way more fun!

Check out my blog post The Clearing Statement: Your Magic Wand For Potent Change. Learn more about Access Bars. Learn more about Private Sessions with Julie.

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