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Life Coaching & Facilitation Sessions

Life Coaching & Facilitation Sessions with Julie D. Mayo

Have you always known that your life could be so much more, but you don't know what to do or how to get there? What if more was available to you than you ever imagined possible? What if you could live your life with ease and have more fun too?

Julie's holistic life coaching and facilitation takes coaching to a whole new level, far beyond traditional coaching. Julie's coaching and facilitation is far more than accountability, it's about creating the change you desire to create! No matter what that looks like. Is it time to transform your life into something greater?

What if creating the change you desire could be quicker, easier and way more fun than you ever imagined possible?

As a holistic life coach and facilitator, Julie will facilitate you in any area that you would like to change - health and body, money and career, relationships, life after trauma, your spiritual journey - the possibilities are endless.

During a coaching and facilitation session Julie will empower and facilitate you. She will facilitate you in knowing what is true for you and she will give you some pragmatic tools that will assist you in navigating your life with greater ease. She will energetically clear any limitations that are keeping you stuck or stopping you from creating the change you would like to have. By unlocking limitations and following what is true for you, it becomes easier to create the life you truly desire.

What if change could be easier than you’ve ever imagined? Work with Julie and create the health, wealth and life you truly desire!

Life Coaching and Facilitation Session Includes:

  • 50-Minute Life Coaching Facilitation Session (via videoconference)*
  • Session Recording 
  • Clearing Loop
  • Homeplay as assigned

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*Videoconference is an real-time online meeting held over the internet which allows two-way communication including both audio (sound) and video (picture).

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