Chakra Crystal Kit | 7 Large Tumbled Stones

Chakra Crystal Kit | 7 Large Tumbled Stones | Healing Crystals

Chakra Crystal Kit with seven large (16-25 grams) tumbled stones, one stone for each of the 7 main chakras. Kit includes a property card for each chakra crystal and a velvet pouch to store them in. This kit is great for those who are new to using crystals for healing, or for the Crystal Therapy professional. Metaphysical and healing properties listed below.

Tumbled Stones Included (One Each):
Root (Base) Chakra - Brecciated Jasper or Tree Agate (Dendritic Quartz)
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra - Tiger Eye
Heart Chakra - Moss Agate or Moody Green Jasper
Throat Chakra - Blue Quartz (Dumortierite Quartz)
Third Eye (Brow) Chakra - Sodalite
Crown Chakra - Chevron Amethyst

Metaphysical & Healing Properties: 
Brecciated Jasper 
Brecciated Jasper has the qualities of enhancing organizational abilities, relaxation and a sense of wholeness. It aligns the chakras, balances yin yang energies. It is helpful with animal and other allergies. Brecciated Jasper can help increase physical endurance, ward off dehydration and ease stress. As with all Jasper's, this is a nurturing and protective stone. 

Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It can aid memory, including recall of past lives. It can assist one in finding the right mate. It is also a stone of protection in general and from anger, jealousy and fear. In addition it can help with manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck. Carnelian can help ease or remove sorrows. Carnelian has been used to heal open sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies and neuralgia.

Tree Agate (Dendritic Quartz) 
Tree Agate, also known as Dendritic Agate or Dendritic Quartz, despite its name, is actually a variety of Quartz, which is in turn a Silicate mineral. Tree Agate is a form of Snow Quartz with green maganese (dendritic) inclusions. Tree Agate is said to assist with introspection and self-discovery. It is a stone of abundance, bringing bountiful crops and increasing the health of house plants. Tree Agate relives tension, tired eyes, fever and skin eruptions. It is used to treat dizziness, headaches and skin problems. This healing crystal can open and cleanse the chakras which can assist in healing dis-ease caused by chakra imbalances. 

Tiger Eye 
Tiger Eye, also known as Tiger's Eye, is a stone of protection that is also very grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Tiger's Eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. Tiger's Eye brings a special boost to the solar plexus chakra and to one's personal power. 

Moody Green Jasper
Moody Green Jasper, also known as Zebra Jasper, is a lucky stone and a money charm. It can heal polluted waters and help children establish a sleep routine. It brings balance, and helps prevent burnout. Green Jasper heals and releases obsession and dis-ease. It assists the body to absorb nutrients. It heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract and the purifying organs. It is good for viral infections. It treats skin disorders and dispels bloating. It reduces toxicity and inflammation. 

Moss Agate 
Moss Agate is sometimes called the "gardener's stone" due to its properties of helping ensure a full crop. In addition to a full crop, Moss Agate brings general abundance, success and prosperity. It can also help one gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and brings self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Moss Agate is also a protective stone, as are all agates. It can reduce the difficulties associated with overcoming addictive behaviors. Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra and is a stone of compatibility and friendship. It is also believed to help improve circulation, enhance healing of all types, overcome digestive and intestinal disorders. Green Moss Agate is said to assist in finding hidden treasure and is a stone of prosperity. 

Blue Quartz (Dumortierite Quartz)
Blue Quartz, also known as Dumortierite or Dumortierite Quartz, enhances organizational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness. It highly reduces difficulties of scattered mind and disorganization. In addition, it encourages one to see and accept reality, and react to it in an intelligent manner in one's own behalf.

Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication. It is beneficial for the glands, digestive system, relieving insomnia and decreasing calcium deficiency. It can also be useful for quicker healing of head colds. 

Chevron Amethyst 
Chevron Amethyst, sometimes called Banded Amethyst, is a healing crystal that combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. Together these minerals create the Chevron Amethyst, which enhances peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. Chevron Amethyst brings courage and inner strength. The stone lessens any resistance to helping oneself, particularly as concerns self-awareness. It diminishes addictive tendencies and assists in recovery from addictions. Chevron Amethyst is associated with the third eye (brow) and crown chakra.

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Size And Weight Chart 
Small (1-5 grams) 
Medium (6-15 grams) 
Large (16-25 grams) 
X-Large (26-35 grams) 
Jumbo (36-45 grams) 
Jumbo + (46-55 grams) 
Individual (56-65 grams) 
Individual + (>65 grams) 

Our Tumbled Stones 
There is no set standard for sizing tumbled stones. Since stones are three-dimensional, we feel you get more value for your money when purchasing stones by weight. When comparing prices, note the weight of the stone, this will give you a better idea as to the value you are getting. We photograph all of our tumbled stones around a quarter, to help show the size and shape of our stones. Due to the nature of natural crystals and gemstones color, size, shape and pattern may vary. 

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