Body Whispering: The Untold Story

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Body Whispering: The Untold Story | Access Possibilities Blog

How much have you locked into your body that you haven't been able to change because you haven't been given information and tools that actually work?

How often have you had a problem, pain, health issue or something else going on with your body, and everybody and their brother seemed to have an idea about what you should do?

And, how often has someone told you what you should do; only to try it and find out after you did it, that it didn't actually work for you? So now, how much do you resist when someone tells you what you should do?

What if there was a different possibility available for you and your body? What if there was an easier way to know what is actually going on with your body and how to change it?

The thing I love about body whispering is when you learn how to communicate with your body, when something is affecting your body, you can ask your body what it requires to change it. This is something we aren't generally taught, and something we tend to have forgotten along the way.

For instance, let's use cancer as an example. Now, first of all, if a doctor tells you that you have x (again using cancer in this example), regardless of whatever x is, even if it's an incorrect diagnosis, the moment you align and agree with it, or resist and react to it, you've bought it as yours and you begin to create it, whatever it is, and you lock it into your body, as if it's real and true, even if it is not. This is true of everything.

What if instead, when the doctor told you that you have x, you were interesting point of view about it? Meaning you don't align or agree with it, or resist and react to it, you simply start asking your body some questions. The questions may be something like... "Body, do we have X? If you get a yes, you can ask, "body, what can we do to change this?" If you get a no, then you can ask your body some other questions like... "Okay body, what's going on here? That question may lead you to some additional questions.

Now here's the thing, if we had say cancer for example, a medical doctor would typically suggest chemo, radiation and/or surgery depending on the type, stage, location, etc. While an Alternative Medicine practitioner may suggest an array of techniques which may include acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massage, etc. etc. And then there are holistic therapies such as Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Energy Healing, Access Bars, Access Body Processes and there are other techniques as well such as breathing, diet, laughter, etc. etc. The list goes on.

It's true that our bodies are all different, and what works for one body may not necessarily work for all bodies. Also, your point of view creates your reality. So if you impose any points of view on your body such as, "this won't work” or “that won't work," guess what? Even if it's what your body requires, it won't work. You can override you body's point of view.

You're mind is a dangerous thing... waste it!

If you're thinking, you're stinking.

Our Mind Computes Conclusions | You're Mind Is A Dangerous Thing... Waste It!

Our Mind Computes Conclusions

Your mind is a powerful thing, but our mind is more about what is not possible, than what is possible. Our mind is the critical thinker, it computes based on past experiences, rather than looking for possibilities. Our mind is our greatest limitation. I'm not talking about our brain; I'm referring to the mind. Our mind isn't even real, it's a construct.

It's actually really quite cool that if you are struggling with a health or body issue there are so many options available. The disadvantage to having so many options is that a lot of people become overwhelmed and they're not sure what to do, some may give up altogether, while others may go round and round trying different things, only to not to get the results they are looking for.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know what will work for you and your body? Well, if you have the ability to communicate with your body, the process becomes very simple. Almost so simple, people tend not to believe it can be that easy.

Your body is conscious. Your body has its own point of view. Your body knows what it desires and requires. So, if you get out of the way (you don't function from your mind or impel points of view on it) and you ask your body questions, and you are willing to receive the information, your body will tell you what is required to change it.

Again, this is the beauty of body whispering. With the ability to understand what our body is communicating to us, we can ask questions about whatever is going on for our body, and get the information of what is required to bring it more ease, or address whatever is not working.

If you can relate with the above scenario, and you have been diagnosed with anything, regardless of how long ago, and you have not been able to create the change you would like to create, please know, it is not too late. You can learn how to communicate with your body and begin relating to your body in a totally different way.

You and your body are able to create what the rest of the world considers miracles. The first step required is simply the desire to create a change. Your body has been attempting to facilitate you and give you information your entire life. But most of us have cut off the connection we once had with our bodies long ago, typically when we were very young.

So Body Whispering is about reestablishing that connection with our body and learning how to communicate with our body again. It's like learning an new energetic language. Like anything new, it can take a bit of practice in the beginning, but as you start to catch on, you'll be amazed at how much ease and peace you can start having with your body! Your body will be delighted when you start listening to it. It will be more than happy to show you what will work. How much ease could listening to your body create?

Whether you would like more ease and joy with your body personally, or you are a healer, body worker, practitioner or facilitator looking to add some new tools to your repertoire, what contribution could Body Whispering be to you, your body, your life, living, reality, and the planet?

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