Energy Rebalancing: Balance The Chakras And Beyond With Crystal Therapy

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Energy Rebalancing: Balance The Chakras And Beyond With Crystal Therapy | Access Possibilities Blog

Energy rebalancing has been performed by ancient healers for millennia. Records indicate that the Chinese, Indians and Egyptians all believed that physical disease was a result of energetic imbalances. Ancient crystal healers used crystals to stimulate the body’s innate ability to balance and self-heal. Alternative medicine practitioners still use this holistic therapy today.

Energy Rebalancing with Crystal Therapy

Crystals heal holistically, they work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being, hence the common phrase Body Mind Spirit. Crystal Therapy, also known as Crystal Healing, is an alternative therapy that not only improves symptoms; it realigns subtle energies and addresses the root cause of a problem.

Crystals work through vibration, rebalancing energy and activating the chakras, (energy centers), which regulate the body’s vibrational status. Many physical and emotional conditions can be improved by bringing the chakras and the body back into balance.

Due to its internal crystalline structure, each crystal has its own unique vibration and energies. When used to balance the chakras, an appropriate stone is placed on the chakra for 15 to 20 minutes. The crystal can be placed on the front or back of the body, whichever is more comfortable. Stones can also be placed above the head and below the feet to perform certain tasks.

Smoky Quartz can be used to ground energy from the crown to the base chakra. Amber and Malachite can be used to open and cleanse the chakras. Tourmaline can be used to cleanse and protect the chakras. Azurite, Brecciated Jasper and Magnetite can be used to align the chakras. Turquoise can elevate the chakras and Bloodstone can be used to cleanse the lower chakras.

Garnet cleanses and regenerates all chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances the body’s energy field or biomagnetism. Rhodonite aligns the chakras and removes blockages to enable the flow of energy. Angelite can be used to unblock the energy channels or pathways (meridians).

Apatite balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and chakras by eliminating over activity and stimulating under activity. Magnetite, also known as Lodestone, does the same thing.

Dendritic Agate, also known as Tree Agate, can open and cleanse the chakras which can assist in healing dis-ease caused by chakra imbalances. It is a useful stone for healing plants and the Earth itself, by stabilizing the vortices within the Earth’s energy field.

Bumble Bee Jasper, which is a combination of Hematite and Tiger Eye, can aid spinal alignment and fractures. Selenite is also useful for aligning the spine. Dioptase is good for alignment and attunement of spiritual energies.

Using crystals for energy rebalancing facilitates the body to balance self-heal and achieve holistic health.

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