Creating Change With The Access Bars

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Creating Change With The Access Bars | Limitless Living | Access PossibilitiesWhat if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you don't deserve whatever it is you desire or that you can’t accomplish what you hope and dream for?

We have been exposed to programming since long before our conception. We even carry programming with us that we acquired in previous lifetimes. When we embody in this reality, we not only bring previous programming with us, we tend to function from thoughts, feelings, emotions, which are the lower harmonics of being. Because of this, we are often affected by our environment. We are at the effect of the world around us.

Any limitation that you create in your life is connected to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, decisions, judgments and points of view that you have about it.

There are many modalities and tools available that can be used to reprogram your subconscious, such as Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), visualization, affirmations, positive thinking, the list goes on.

What if there was a different possibility available? What if instead of reprograming your subconscious, it was possible to remove old programing and function from your knowing?

Well, I am happy to report it is possible. I'd like to introduce you the Access Bars®.

The Bars: 32 Points To Create Massive Change

The Access Bars: 32 Points To Create Massive Change | Access Possibilities

Consciousness: The Ultimate Operating System

The Bars® are different. Access Bars are not a program or programming. The Bars do not reprogram your subconscious. The Bars actually delete old programming, and eliminate the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas and considerations that no longer serve you. This increases your awareness and facilitates you to function from consciousness; to function from your knowing.

As an infinite being we have the infinite capacity to perceive, know, be and receive everything. Our mind and our subconscious programming tend to get in the way of our knowing. It limits our capacity to be, know, perceive and receive as the infinite being we truly be.

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and considerations as they are stored in the brain. When activated, The Bars begin to release the thoughts, feeling, emotions, considerations and beliefs you have stored in any lifetime that limit you.

When you get your Bars run, you begin to clear away what’s locked up that keeps you from believing you can have the life you’ve always known is possible.

This is not a cognitive process, what clears are those points of view buried deep in your subconscious, that you usually don't even realize you have. You don't have to know what is limiting you to clear it. You don't have to know when or why you created something in order to clear it. You only have to be willing to receive, and The Bars begin to dissolve anything that doesn't allow you to receive. The Bars also begin to dissolve judgment from within.

The beauty of The Bars is that change can occur very quickly and easily. You don't have to reprogram your mind. It doesn't require you to think about how you are going to create the change you desire. All that is required is for you to lie down relax and receive while someone touches the 32 points on your head known as The Bars.

How often do we just let go, lower our barriers, and allow another person to truly gift us? Learning to receive is a key to inviting more of what you’re asking for into your life. Access Bars facilitates receiving, different than any other modality in this reality.

What contribution could the The Bars be to your life, living, reality, body and the planet?

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