Earth's Magnetic Field Essential For Life On Earth And Optimal Health

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Earth's Magnetic Field Essential For Life on Earth And Optimal Health | Access PossibilitiesThe Earth's magnetic field is necessary not only for our existence, but for us to obtain and maintain optimal health.

The magnetic field produced by the spinning of hot molten iron at the Earth's core extends several tens of thousands of kilometers into space. It is called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere shields the surface of the Earth from the charged particles of the solar wind emitted by the Sun. These solar winds would otherwise be fatal to life on Earth.

Planets with a weak or non-existent magnetic field are subject to atmospheric stripping by the solar wind. Mars does not presently have a global magnetic field. The presence of the solar wind, for billions of years, has contributed to the loss of water and the erosion of Mars' atmosphere.

The Earth's North Magnetic And South Magnetic Poles

The Earth's Magnetic North And South Poles

The Earth's surface magnetism is the strongest at two points – the North Magnetic Pole (located near the Geographic North Pole) and the South Magnetic Pole (located near the Geographic South Pole). These two areas have the densest concentration of magnetic flux lines (see illustration above). Magnetic fields are the strongest where the magnetic flux lines are the closest together. This occurs at the north and south poles of all magnets.

The center of the Earth is a large, very strong bipolar magnet. However, by the time this magnetic field reaches the Earth's surface it ranges only about .3 to .6 gauss.

Carl Friedrich Gauss first measured the strength of the Earth's magnetic field in 1835. Scientists have measured and tracked the strength of this field since then. They have showed a decrease of about 10% over the past 150 years.

Polar Auroras AKA Northern Lights

Polar Auroras AKA Northern Lights

The Earth also has an electric field caused by the action of high-energy ultraviolet light coming from the Sun, which creates charged particles (ions) in the ionic atmosphere (ionosphere). The ionosphere is the uppermost part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Due to the perpendicular angle of the magnetic field near the poles, some charged particles make it into our atmosphere. This results in the polar auroras, also known as the northern lights or southern lights. This natural light display usually occurs in the ionosphere and can be seen in the sky near the Polar Regions.

The Earth's Magnetic Field Affects Our Health

The Earth's natural electromagnetic field is one of the fundamental forces of nature and is essential for life, unlike the man-made extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which emit electromagnetic radiation and have been linked to cancer and numerous other health issues.

Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa believes that magnetic field deficiency syndrome occurs due to the decrease in the Earth's magnetic field. This syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, frequent headaches, dizziness and generalized aches and pains. Learn more about this in my blog article Do You Suffer From Magnetic Field Deficiency?

The body is surrounded by its own natural magnetic field known as the subtle energy field, biofield or biomagnetism. Research has proven that the use of Magnetic Therapy and exposing the body to a static magnetic field such as that emitted by a biomagnet (healing magnet) or by wearing magnetic jewelry has remedied the symptoms of magnetic deficiency and offered numerous other health benefits.

Magnetic Therapy and the use of biomagnets can be used to facilitate the body to balance self-heal and achieve holistic health. Shop our online store for magnetic therapy jewelry and other holistic therapy products.

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