Looking For A Way To Reduce Stress? | Ask Your Body What Would Be Joyful

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Looking For A Way To Reduce Stress? | ask Your Body What Would Be Joyful | Access Possibilities Blog

Are you looking for a way to reduce stress? Are you aware that your body is conscious and knows exactly what it desires and requires? What if rather than dictating what your body "needs" to do, or pushing your body beyond the point of ease, you were to ask your body what would be joyful? What could that create?

Tool: Ask your body what would be joyful

Body What Would Be Joyful Today? | Body Whispering Tools | Access Possibilities Blog

Ask your body...

Body, what can we do that would be joyful today?

And do that!

Do something that is fun and nurturing for your body one hour every day and one day every week.

It could be going for a walk, taking a bath, listening to music, dancing, reading, going to the gym, hiking or enjoying nature, doing some gardening, taking a nap, relaxing by the fire, having your Bars run, receiving a body process, riding a bike, swimming, sunbathing, enjoying a glass of wine, treating yourself to your favorite meal or eating at a fantastic restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

Nurturing and caring for you and your body is a great way to reduce stress.

Choosing to nurture and care for your body will contribute to your life in dynamic ways.

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