A Different Possibility For Those With Terminal Illness

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

A Different Possibility For Those With Terminal Illness

What If There Was A Different Possibility Available For Those With Terminal Illness?

Have been told that there is nothing else that can be done for you and to get your affairs in order? Is that just not good enough? Are you looking for a totally different possibility? Or are you tired of suffering and ready to move on, but you haven't been able to let go? What if you could choose to stay and heal, or let go and transition, and have more peace and ease with your body and your choice?

I am often contacted by a family member or partner of a loved one who is ill, has a health issue, or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They are looking to help the one they love, and many times they tell me that the person who is ill does not want a session, or does not want to be worked on. 

I created the Transition or Possibility Session especially for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness; yet it can benefit anyone struggling with any type of health or body issue. 

Normally, I will not work on a client without their permission. The Transition or Possibility Session is the only session I will perform on someone without their prior consent. 

The reason for this is due to the fact that this session gives the receiver total choice as to whether they choose to heal and stay on this planet longer, or choose to transition and leave this place. Either way, the choice is up to the recipient. This is not always a cognitive choice. 

During this alternative therapy session I run a couple of different energetic processes on the body. These processes can be done in person or by distance (remotely) which is very convenient, especially if the person receiving the session is not mobile, is in the hospital or hospice, or simply does not desire to be touched. 

This process reconnects the being to the body, and the body and being to the earth, which creates more ease in the body. What typically occurs within about three days of the session is that the individual tends to heal quicker than this reality acknowledges is possible, or they pass with more peace and ease. 

This session gives the recipient total choice as to whether they choose to stay or choose to transition. Either way, it is their choice. And the choice isn't always cognitive.

Being in allowance of someone's choice, that is ready to transition, is such a huge gift and honoring of them. When we perceive the tug of loved ones who are not ready for us to leave, it can create such an internal struggle; a struggle to stay or to go. That is why some people with terminal illness struggle and suffer for years before finally passing.

Please be aware, when someone chooses to move on, it typically has very little or nothing to do with us. It is usually simply them choosing and experiencing their journey for them. Something we are all actually here to do, each and every one of us. 

So what if we could be the space of allowance that gives our loved one's the space to choose what will work for them? And, if we are the one that is terminally ill, what if we could be the space of allowance for ourselves? 

What if death wasn't a wrongness? What if death isn't the end? What if death was just a choice? And, what if transitioning is simply our next step? 

I wrote about my experience of running this session on my mother when she had pancreatic cancer. Read about this in my blog post Running The Transition Or Possibility Session On My Mother.

Learn more about Private Sessions with Julie. Book a Transition Or Possibility Session.

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