Choosing Bipolar Magnets VS Unipolar Magnets For Magnetic Therapy

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Choosing Bipolar Magnets VS Unipolar Magnets For Magnetic Therapy | Access Possibilities

When it comes to choosing bipolar magnets vs unipolar magnets for Magnetic Therapy all experts don't share the same point of view. Some experts believe that bipolar magnets are more effective, while others believe that unipolar magnets are the way to go. Polarity is one of the most controversial issues within the field of Magnet Therapy. Regardless of the polarity issue, all experts agree that magnets work.

Unipolar Magnets

All magnets are bipolar, meaning they have a north pole and a south pole. A true unipolar magnet does not exist. However, in the field of Magnetic Therapy, unipolar refers to a biomagnet that is used in such a way that only one pole – either north or south (but not both) – faces the body, while the opposite pole faces away from the body.

Manufacturers of stainless steel magnetic jewelry and titanium magnetic jewelry arrange small neodymium magnets in the back of magnetic therapy jewelry so that only one pole, typically the north side, faces the body. In this application the neodymium magnets are said to be unipolar.

Unipolar Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

Some experts believe that only the north side of a biomagnet (healing magnet) offers healing benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the healing benefits of both magnetic poles. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, depending on the type of imbalance, a particular pole can be used to achieve balance in the body. I write about this in my blog article "How To Balance Yin Yang Energies With Magnetic Therapy."

Some experts feel that unipolar magnets have a greater depth of penetration. I feel that it has more to do with the magnet strength. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent biomagnets available. Whether a neodymium is used as a bipolar or unipolar magnet, it offers the greatest depth of penetration, due to its strength.

Benefits of Bipolar Magnets

Bipolar Magnetic Therapy Jewelry | Access Possibilities

The term bipolar refers to a biomagnet that allows both poles – north and south – to face the body at the same time. Many Eastern European studies were performed by researchers that showed positive results using magnets that were bipolar and placed in a checkerboard pattern.

Magnetite is a crystal that carries both a positive and negative magnetic charge. Magnetite jewelry can be worn to expose the body to both the north and south magnetic poles at the same time. In the realm of Crystal Therapy, Magnetite is known for sedating over worked organs, while stimulating under worked organs. It helps to balance both the body and the body's energy field (biomagnetism).

Neodymium magnets are very strong permanent magnets that can be used to create bipolar neodymium jewelry. Neodymium magnets are so strong, they are held together by their own magnetism, no beading wire or setting is required.

Regardless, of the type of magnetic field deficiency the body may have, positive or negative, yin or yang, by giving the body access to both poles, the body is intelligent enough and can then take whatever it requires to balance and self-heal.

I have personally benefited by wearing both bipolar and unipolar magnetic jewelry. Magnet therapy is a holistic remedy that can assist your body and its biomagnetism to balance and to achieve holistic health.

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