How To Go Beyond The Past And Create Something Greater

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

How To Go Beyond The Past And Create Something Greater | Access Possibilities

Are you aware that whenever you judge something as the best, it doesn't allow anything greater to show up? This is true for everything. The universe (your body and everything) has to match your reality. So, how do you go beyond the past and create something greater?

Before I was aware of this, I limited so many things and kept something greater from showing up. I would judge a particular restaurant or food as being the best. I even judged my favorite clothes as being the best... the best pants, the best socks, the best dress, etc. This kept anything better or greater from showing up. No wonder clothes shopping became such an unpleasant chore! And often, even when returning to the same restaurant, the food would suck or never be as good as I had judged it to be.

Take a minute to reflect... what have you judged that doesn't allow anything greater to show up?

What about past years? Have you judged your younger years or a particular year from your past as being the best? What if that has prevented a greater year from showing up?

So you might be wondering, how do you go beyond anything you've had or experienced in the past, and how do you get something greater to show up?

It's actually quite simple. Give up everywhere you have judged anything to be the best... a job, relationship, automobile, absolutely anything, including a year!

If you are familiar with The Clearing Statement you can even POC & POD it and clear it energetically. That's what I do. Every time I realize I've judged something (or someone) as being the best, I POC & POD it and allow something (or someone) even greater to show up! It also gives space for the person to be even greater!!

After you let go of what you judged as the best you can ask a generative question like...

What would it take for 2021 to be my greatest year so far?

Notice how I included 'so far' at the end of the question? That allows 2021 to be greater than the past, and also it doesn't stop there or define it as being the best. Energetically it allows 2021 to be the greatest so far and for future years to be even greater! What if every year was greater than the year before?

How does it get any better than this?

That's a question you can ask for anything. Whenever something "good" happens, or whenever something "bad" happens just ask, How does it get any better than this? And the universe will show you, because you asked.

The question invites the universe to show you how anything can get better! I've had amazing things show up when I ask, and I keep asking. Ask and see what shows up for you!

If you're not familiar with the Clearing Statement, or even if you are, check out my blog post The Clearing Statement: Your Magic Want For Potent Change.


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