Change Your Point Of View Change Your Body And Your Life

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

Change You Point Of View Change Your Body And Life | Access Possibilities Blog

Science tells us that the shape of your cells actually become more elliptical when they are influenced by thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which is the first step to dis-ease.

Yes, you heard that right, our thoughts, feelings and emotions have a direct impact on our body, and on our health and wellness. This is often referred to as the Mind-Body Effect.

Every time you judge your body you lock up certain molecules. When molecules are traumatized, the cells no longer have the capacity to regenerate healthy cells, instead your body begins to regenerate unhealthy cells.

Change your point of view and the body heals itself 

So, you may be wondering, how do you change your point of view? How do you change your thoughts, feelings and emotions? What I am talking about here goes way beyond positive thinking. It's about creating change on the cellular level.

Introducing Access Bars®

Access Bars allows the cells to return to their more spherical shape, facilitating more ease in the body.

Access Bars unlock this impact on the cells, allowing the cells to return to their more spherical shape. Once the cells return to their healthy normal state, the body can once again begin to regenerate healthy cells. This facilitates more ease throughout the entire body.

How can we create with our bodies in a different way, so that we have total health, total ease, and the joy of our bodies?

It's such an amazing gift as you get to the fact that your body doesn't have to be a limitation and your body doesn't have to be a detriment. Your body can be a contribution to your life, living and reality! 

If we all were willing to have all the abilities we have, what kind of world could we create?

Learn more about Access Bars and the change they can create for you, your body, and your life. Access Bars are a contribution to Limitless Living and our Body Whispering tools and classes.

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