My Favorite Zero Gravity Chair For Running Access Bars & Facelift

Posted by Julie D. Mayo

My Favorite Zero Gravity Chair For Running Bars & Facelift | Access Possibilities

I discovered many years ago that a zero gravity chair could be used as an alternative for a massage table when running the Access Bars. The chair also comes in handy for running the Access Energetic Facelift.

I love the outdoors, so when I first acquired my Access Bars Facilitator license, I enjoyed hosting Access Bars gifting and receiving events in the park.

While I could put my massage table in my car with a bit of effort, I found it was much easier to fit a zero gravity chair into my car. Another benefit to this is that I don't have to worry about the table legs sinking into the ground or my table getting dirty. I even have room to take along my favorite folding chair to sit in while running Bars.

It soon became my favorite go to when I was providing mobile sessions. It's so much easier and lighter than loading and unloading a massage table, especially when climbing stairs. It took me a while to discover that most of my Bars clients and friends actually prefer sitting in the zero gravity chair over lying flat on a massage table.

I do however, still use a massage table when running Access Body Processes and performing other body work.

When I set out to purchase a zero gravity chair, I did a bit of research first. This is very typical for me. The zero gravity chair I found is padded, and it has an adjustable head rest. It has a 350 lb. weight capacity, and is wider than the average gravity chair. I am able to lock the chair so if a client moves, the chair remains stable. The lock also allows me to adjust how far I recline the chair. So if I have a client who cannot lie down flat on a table, this is very helpful. I haven't found anyone who doesn't like the chair. Most everyone who has sat in my chair has commented on how comfortable it is!

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner | Access Possibilities

In addition to the multiple zero gravity chairs I have purchased for profession use, I have also purchased one for personal use. It's great for sitting outside or curling up with a good book. I even take it on road trips. In addition to being able to run someone's Bars comfortably, it also comes in handy to use as a recliner, even when indoors. I have used it for this purpose a lot, especially when visiting my son.

The chair I am referring to is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner. This chair is available for purchase from Amazon via the link below.

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A great companion whether I'm using my zero gravity chair or massage table is the Maxchief Deluxe Padded/Upholstered Folding Chair which is also available for purchase at Amazon.

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