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Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Complimentary Coaching Consultation with Julie D. Mayo

A Complimentary Coaching Consultation with Julie will give you a chance to have a conversation with Julie and see if the two of you are a good match for working together to meet your objectives.

During a Complimentary Coaching Consultation you will be given the opportunity to discuss what it is you are looking to achieve. Julie will tell you about her approach and answer any questions you have so you can determine if Julie is a good fit. 

Julie D. Mayo has more than 17 years coaching experience, and more than 27 years Alternative Medicine experience as a Holistic Practitioner and Energy Worker. Julie's holistic coaching practice includes the following specialty areas - Holistic Life Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Trauma Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Body Whispering.

Book your Complimentary Coaching Consultation today to see how Julie can help you to meet your objectives!

Complimentary Coaching Consultation is for New or Potential Coaching Clients Only and is available by phone. Allow up to 40 Minutes for your session.

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