Crystals, Gemstones, Stones And Mineral Specimens

Our collection of crystals, gemstones, stones and mineral specimens includes tumbled stones, raw stones, crystal clusters, crystal druse, massage therapy stones, natural rough and polished points, spheres, specialty crystals including sacred Shiva Lingam, and sculptured and hand polished stones such as Selenite, Petrified Wood and other delicate mineral specimens such as Dioptase, and Peridot and many more. This collection also includes various crystal accessories, such as LED light bases, sphere stands, wooden bowls and pouches, to name a few.
Crystals heal holistically, they work energetically through resonance and vibration. Place them on the body or in your environment for health and other benefits. We have a large selection of crystals available that are not listed on this site. If you are looking for something you do not see please do not hesitate to contact us.