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Secrets From The Body Whisperer

Secrets from The Body Whisperer with Julie D. Mayo

Created by Julie D. Mayo, Secrets From The Body Whisperer is the third class in our Body Whispering Class Series. This class is designed to give you a greater awareness of what you and your body are truly capable of.

Body Whispering Facilitator Julie D. Mayo will guide you into an even deeper exploration of Body Whispering so that you can begin to step into the magic you and your body truly be!

During this workshop your Body Whispering Facilitator, Julie D. Mayo, will dive deeper into the topic of Body Whispering and give you many of her Body Whispering secrets along the way. Julie will give you some pragmatic tools, techniques and processes that you can use daily to begin to change what is not working for you and your body, and to go beyond what you ever imagined possible.

During this two-day class Julie will facilitate and empower you so that you can begin to step into and claim own and acknowledge you and your body's unique talents, gifts and abilities. She'll also empower you to acknowledge your capacities with bodies so that you can step into and become your own Body Whisperer.

After class, you will have an extensive collection of pragmatic tools and processes to chose from, the more you use them the easier it will be to navigate this reality, to go beyond this reality, and create your reality.

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