Energy Healing/Energetic Bodywork

Energy Healing/Energetic Bodywork

Energy Healing/Energetic Bodywork; What would it be like to experience being fully alive with the vitality, joy and possibility that only you be in the world? What if you could be a walking, talking, living expression of ease and joy?

At the beginning of this session, let Julie know what is up for you and she will follow the energy and know what is required. Julie incorporates more than 30 years of experience into each session. Your session with Julie may include Healing Touch, Hands-On Healing, Reiki, Symphony Session or other hands-on healing modalities or energies. 

This session is available in person or remotely (by distance). Allow up to 50 minutes for your session. 

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®

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