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MTVSS Body Process Class

MTVSS Body Process Class with Julie D. Mayo | Hands-On Practitioner Training.

MTVSS Body Process is one of the most potent Access Body Processes. It can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. MTVSS is often the tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major affect on the immune system, especially when done on the joints.

During a half-day body process class you will learn the MTVSS Body Process and participate in gifting one MTVSS session and receiving one MTVSS session.

During a one-day body process class you will learn the MTVSS Body Process and participate in gifting two MTVSS sessions and receiving two MTVSS sessions, both sessions will involve different hand positions.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to run MTVSS on your friends, family and clients as a MTVSS Body Process Practitioner and charge money to do so, if you choose. Many people have created a business around running Access Body Processes.

Looking for a relaxing and nurturing way to boost your immune system and have more ease with your body?

If you haven't registered, please go to MTVSS Body Process Class to register. 

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®

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Deirdre C.
United States United States

I've had great results with what I learned in this class!

I find this process most easy to follow and to use. This process creates such relaxation in my clients, a feeling of ease, and they get up from the treatment table feeling relief at least to some degree most times. This process can immediately relieve pain, in my experience.

  • If purchased for health benefits, how did it help? My very skeptical sister was one of my early practice clients. She had suffered for over two weeks with intense pain in her shoulder and could not lift her arm much at all. The pain radiated throughout her upper body on that side. She didn't tell me fully what she was dealing with until afterwards, just that she felt she had torn her rotator cuff. The next morning after running a full body MTVSS process and immune system process, she called to tell me she awoke with almost full movement and no pain, and was unusually convinced that her session with me is what resolved her issue. She noticed some pain relief in the shoulder right after the treatment. She reminded me that she is not one to decide so quickly that something is a distinctive solution to her issues, but this time she knew there was no other reason for her relief. My sister takes my work more seriously than ever now. I also used this process on my elder and ailing dog. her incontinence was resolved with this process and she was able to eat again after losing that ability due to lymphoma. I was able to help her to pass with more ease and grace than she was having to prior to my work with her.

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