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Private Session With Julie | Combo Session

Private Session with Julie D. Mayo | Combo Session

A Private Session with Julie will be unlike anything you have ever experienced! Julie's approach is radically different and is geared toward results. From health issues to life challenges, Julie offers alternative holistic solutions that work! 

Do you feel like you've tried everything, but still haven’t been able to change something you would like to change? No matter what it might be - your health, body, relationships, money, business or life - come explore the infinite possibilities that are available to you. 

Are you having trouble choosing which session you'd like, or are you looking for change like yesterday? At the beginning of this session, simply let Julie now what is up for you, or your body and she will follow the energy and know exactly what is required. Julie incorporates more than 30 years of experience into each session. This session may include a combination of any services Julie offers.

Depending on whether your session is done in person, by phone, online or remotely, your session may include a combination of any of the following services - Access Bars, Access Body Processes, Body Whispering, Entity Clearing, Verbal Processing and Facilitation, Energetic Synthesis of Embodiment (ESE), Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE), Symphony Session, Healing Touch, Hands-On Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing or other hands-on or energetic healing modalities.

Private Session with Julie Combo Session is available in person, by phone, remotely, or via videoconference.* Allow up to 50 minutes for your session.

*Videoconference is a real-time online meeting held over the internet which allows two-way communication including both audio (sound) and video (picture).

Is now the time to explore the infinite possibilities that are available to you?

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®

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