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Snakeskin Jasper Hand Polished Therapy Stone

Snakeskin Jasper Hand Polished Therapy Stone measures between 2.5 to 3 inches wide by 3 inches in length and weighs approximately 10 ounces.  

Snakeskin Jasper Metaphysical And Healing Properties 
Snakeskin Jasper, also called banded, striped or ribbon Jasper, is useful in overcoming disorders of the liver, blood, digestion and gallbladder. It is also used to help soothe the stomach, and to balance yin yang energies. Improves the sense of smell and soothes the nerves. It supports the sexual organs. 

Red Jasper Properties 
Red Jasper is said to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival and is a very protective stone. It can enhance dream recall. It is said to assist in protection and rescue from danger. It has a stabilizing and balancing effect. It assists in healing by maintaining positive movement with all types of disorders and disease. 

Jasper Properties (General, All Types) 
Jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It is sometimes called the nurturing stone due to its nurturing and protective energies. Jasper is used for the liver, gallbladder, soothing the stomach and balancing yin yang energies. 

Crystal Therapy Information 

Healing Crystals Metaphysical And Healing Properties 

Hand Polished Therapy Stones 
Hand polished therapy stones, also known as massage therapy stones, can be used on the body as a healing tool or can be placed in the home or any environment to fill the room with amazing metaphysical and healing properties that can benefit the entire family, including pets, office staff, or anyone that enters the environment. 

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