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Southern Nevada Healthy Lifestyle Meetup | Assistant Organizer Julie D. Mayo | Health & Wellness Events | Las Vegas Nevada

Southern Nevada Healthy Lifestyle (SNHL) Meetup Group is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a local Meetup group organized by Chris Dyer. Access Possibilities founder Julie D. Mayo is an Assistant Organizer for this group. There are other Assistant Organizers as well.

"I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone who lives in, near or visits Las Vegas who would like to meet like-minded health conscious individuals who are seeking support, friendships, or who are interested in activities and exploring topics such as health, wellness, living a holistic lifestyle, Holistic Therapies, Alternative Solutions, Self-Improvement, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Consciousness and more." Julie D. Mayo

What We're About

Helping adults achieve a healthy lifestyle with ease.

We will support each other on our health and wellness journey at our meetings and individually, if indicated. Helpful tips and tricks to help you shop smarter, move your body, self-care, and much more await!

As I post events I am hosting for the group, or classes I am facilitating, I will add a link below. For those of you who are looking for support, to meet others, or to make new friendships I encourage you to join the group. Some events I host for the group may not be public events.

To join the group, learn more about the group, or to see all events offered by the group and other organizers go to Southern Nevada Healthy Lifestyle Meetup.

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Southern Nevada Healthy Lifestyle Meetup Upcoming Events

Upcoming SNHL Meetup Events

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Meetup Events below are exclusive to SNHL Meetup group members and are not public events. Those who would like to participate, please join the group. We'd love to have you!


Gratitude will be the main topic of this event. You will be introduced to crystals and we will explore the amazing world of crystals and the power of gratitude. Gratitude can shift the energy of any situation and contribute to your life, living and reality. Ticket required to attend.

Crystals For Gratitude | Nov 18 | Meetup Event Details & Ticket Information


During this one-day Access Bars Class, you will learn the Access Bars and participate in gifting two Access Bars sessions and receiving two Access Bars sessions. Upon class completion you will be a certified Access Bars® Practitioner. Class is open to everyone.

Access Bars Class | Nov 25 | Access Possibilities | Live Class Details & Registration

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What contribution could the Southern Nevada Healthy Lifestyle Meetup be to your life, living, health, wellness and reality?

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