Discover Your Optimal Health

Discover Your Optimal Health

Discover Your Optimal Health by Wayne Scott Andersen (Book-Paperback)

As one of the nation's foremost physicians in nutritional intervention, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen has devoted his career to creating optimal health through a comprehensive approach that addresses and breaks through logistical and psychological barriers. 

Widely and affectionately known for his work in the field of health coaching as "Dr. A," in Discover Your Optimal Health, he provides an inegrative approach that begins with developing (and maintaining) healthy habits each day. This crucial approach makes health the centerpiece of your life instead of something you do when you discover you have an illness or imbalance. Dr. A reveals how a little attention and discipline now can avoid health crises down the road. 

No matter what your current health status, you can be as healthy as possible. The habits you develop now make the difference between surviving and thriving, life or death.

The steps toward reaching and maintaining your optimal health include: 

  • Integrating the Habits of Health into Your Life
  • Discovering the Habits of Healthy Weight Loss
  • Using the Habits of Healthy Eating
  • Understanding the Habits of Healthy Motion
  • Practicing the Habits of Healthy Sleep
  • Employing the Habits of a Healthy Mind 

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