Embodiment: The Manual You Should Have Been Given (Book-Paperback)

Embodiment: The Manual You Should Have Been Given

Embodiment: The Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born by Dr. Dain Heer (Book-Paperback) 

This book won't be like any other book you've ever read. It's about functioning with your body from the perspective of being. It will explore how you, as an infinite being, can experience greatness with your body. 

"What if your body was on ongoing source of joy?"

This book may go against everything you've ever thought, everything you've ever been taught, and everything you've ever read, and everything you have bought that every one else believes. It doesn't claim to give you all the answers. Instead it will encourage you to ask the questions that will allow you to enjoy the body you currently have - and to create your body so that you can truly enjoy it.

"What if the greatness of Embodiment were about the fun you could have with your body?"

Dr. Dain Heer invites you to enjoy your body and to start acknowledging the greatness of you and your body. This book introduces you to the awareness that there truly is a different choice. If you are willing, this book will change your life, your body and maybe your whole reality. Is what you are choosing right now enough for you?

Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Lulu (August 12, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0557418852
ISBN-13: 978-0557418855
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Author: Dr. Dain Heer
Genre: Health, Mental Health, Happiness, Self-Help, Motivational, Personal Transformation

Dr. Dain Heer is the Co-Creator of Access Consciousness®. The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness® are being used worldwide to transform lives and bodies in private practices as well as in conjunction with addiction recovery, weight loss, business and money, animal health and many holistic modalities, such as hands-on energy healing and chiropractic care.

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory!®

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